It saddens me deeply when I post such essays as my previous one, AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY IS FOR ALL!, and, I get very few to no likes coupled with racist rhetoric from my own people….those of obvious African descent. I say “obvious” because we can see it in their skin color; but, in reality ALL of humankind is of African descent. Some are simply more obvious than others due to our skin color.

The post highlighted a young Sangoma initiate from South Africa who happened to be of white heritage. An attached short video showed his dancing and obvious approval from the other young initiates and the Sangoma leadership. On my fan page I received comments, on this post, such as, “they (white people) can be a part [of African spirituality]; but, they can’t lead.” And on this very page I had one comment saying, “f**k this sh** and f**k this white boy! I promptly deleted the comment and unfriended the person! This overt racist rhetoric will simply not be tolerated on my pages. But, I am sure there are others who silently simmered but were too respectful to open their mouths. I can live with that! But here is the deal folks…

In this universe there are two distinct realms…that of the spiritual and that of the physical. We began and end with the spiritual; but, while in the physical we are to be guided by the spiritual. It is that which we can not see, with the naked eye, but understand to be there. And, in this spiritual realm the prejudices of humankind, as we have learned and/or developed them in this life’s journey, simply do not exist. The divine spirits originate from and live in all parts of this globe; yet, they live within humans regardless of race, creed, color or gender. Therefore, these same spirits, be it the African Sakpata or the Hindu Dattatreya, known as Den’su in Africa, can be born to anyone. To say that white people can be a part of African spirituality yet not lead is the same as the white southern racist who espouses that a black man can be a part of America but can’t be President! It mirrors the same racist rhetoric that has been spewing about Barack Obama’s Presidency since his inauguration. They describe his leadership as, weak, ineffective, that he is not from here, is un-American; and, I can go on. These descriptions are an attempt to cloak their incessant racism towards the idea of a black man being in a leadership role; and, it smacks of the same when black folks say this about whites in reference to African spiritual systems. It is not up to us who determines who is born to serve the spirits or who leads in African spirituality. It is up to the spirits, themselves, to determine such things. And, if we want to be obedient, to the spirits, and yield ourselves as appropriate vessels we must be willing to affect change.

Look folks, I more than most abhor man’s inhumanity to man. I hate racism from whence ever it comes. I lived through the Civil Rights Era. I marched against the KKK; witnessed the sit-ins; was bused to school, guarded by the National Guard, during school integration in the south; was called n****r more times than I can remember; wore the Angela Davis afro and screamed at the top of my lungs, “SAY IT LOUD! I AM BLACK AND I AM PROUD!” with a brick in my hand; had a cross burned in my yard, as a child, and graduated from a Historically Black College where the organization (SNCC) The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee was born…oh yes, I and others, of my generation, have seen some things! And, what I have just described is only the tip of the iceberg! So, you young folks can’t even began to school me on a racist America. I done seen it up close! But one day, many years ago in the land of my ancient forefathers, I discovered who and what I was, in the spirit realm, and what I was brought here to do. And, I yielded to their commands, was initiated and now serve. And, each day since, I have had to die just a little bit more to self in order to become a more perfect vessel to do their will. I am the people’s priestess and a vessel for the spirits. And as such I am here to serve all of the spirit’s children regardless of race, creed, color or gender. To serve the spirits one must be willing to change and die to those bits of the self that cannot be used in the service of humankind. It is through the initiation process that this change begins. For the concept of “death, burial and resurrection” originates out of African traditional spiritual systems. It is a daily process and for many of us our own personal cross to bear. But if you are serious about serving the spirits, in earnest, I’m giving you a heads up! You will not be able to complete your service effectively if you hold on to life’s old prejudices.