Dick Gregory Shares His Thoughts On The Bill Cosby Accusations and The Attack On His Legacy

Posted By on 2nd January 2016


Saturday, January 2nd, 2016, 1:12AM EST

Legendary comedian Bill Cosby is facing numerous allegations dealing with a wide range accusations from to date, 57 women involving sexual misconduct, inappropriate touching etc. (all of the allegations are not involving sexual assault contrary to what the media tells you.)

For more information on this case please read my article from Jan. 1st, 2016“Bill Cosby’s Attorney Monique Pressley Corrects Misinformation Spread By The Media On Facts In Criminal Case”.

Legendary comedian, activist and author Dick Gregory did an interview in November 2015 on The Reel Black Podcast Series and talked about the allegations against Bill Cosby where many of them are decades old.  He asked the question why is all of this coming out now?  He also talked about Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and allegations of them being involved in point shaving.

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