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Ibrahim and Larama


As the atrocities by Boko Haram senselessly rage on, many have become numb to the daily suicide bombings and killings of the Nigerian terrorist group. The story of 10-year-oldIbrahim (pictured right), who was buried alive by the militants, though, is a stark reminder that our people are suffering and must not be forgotten.

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  1. Ibrahim and his four siblings and Mother are now living at Minawao camp, which sits on Cameroon’s northern border with Nigeria.

    Before this camp became their home, though, Ibrahim’s mother, Sarratou, says her and her family were in their home in Nigeria when they heard gunshots from Boko Haram.

    While her and her three children ran one way, Ibrahim and her husband ran the other way.

    And soon after, according to Ibrahim, he witnessed his father being cut down by bullets.

    As he began to cry, Boko Haram came upon him, cutting his head with a machete.

    Thinking he was dead, they buried Ibrahim just before leaving the area.

    But that wouldn’t be the end of his story.

    Older sister Larama (pictured) would find where Ibrahim was buried and remove him from the grave.

    Larama explains, “Though I did not have enough strength to carry him, something gave me strength to carry him. I was tired but I had to manage.

    “When people saw us, they asked where I was taking him.

    “I’m taking him home,” I said.

    “But he is dead already, why are you carrying him?”

    “He is not dead. He is alive.”

    Today, Ibrahim, who walks with a limp since his left arm is paralyzed, goes to school and plays with children.

    Yet, his mother Sarratou says, “He is not as he was before.”

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