November the 11th is a sad day in Black History

Posted By on 25th October 2015

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  1. November the 11th is a sad day in Black History. Nat Turner was hanged, beheaded, skinned, then chopped up. Body parts scattered and no burial.
    His crime? Plotting a revolt to free his people from the cruel hands of slavery.
    While history books might vilify Turner for the 60 white men women and children that were killed by him and his army of black soldiers, lets not forget the hundreds of innocent enslaved blacks that were slaughtered in retaliation, and the millions who had been killed before Turners revolt…and he ones still being killed everyday to this day!
    What if Turner had been successful?
    Why are there no monuments in his honor?

    Dr King was wrong-we can never be free by appealing to the oppressor. The civil rights era led us like sheep to the slaughter, today we are hanging ourselves.
    We no longer have pride as a people. We no longer emphasize the importance of family. We make a conscious decision to have sex and kids with no good men and no good women. Then we wonder why we are stuck struggling and raising our children-further killing off ourselves.
    We mock education and focus instead on illusions of imaginary future sports careers, highly improbable rap careers, or immediate but equally dismissal ideas of swinging drugs, poppin bottles, making it rain disrespecting each other and … hanging ourselves. Don’t look at the photo enraged at the injustice done by the White nation to these men…look at yourselves and ask what have you done to bring justice to their story…and restore the Black nation.

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