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Africa holds the keys to who and what we are as a people

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  1. As many diasporans return to Africa to take on ancestors and spirits of all kinds, as with anything else that exists, we have many returning with claims that are simply not true. In that a trip to Africa is beyond the means of many it is easy to be caught up in the hype. Those of apparent African descent instinctively understand that Africa holds the keys to who and what we are as a people; so, the thirst for connection is more than real. And for those considered furthest removed from this ancestry the instinct of the exotic, mystical and of unadulterated power beacons. Even though in many white bodies we can find some very African spirits. But, in either of these events, we are drawn to the motherland like moths to a flame. So why not appreciate and be in awe of the one who has freshly journeyed to that most desired and spiritually sacred place?

    Because they might be a false prophet…a dud. Now this is where my critics will surface and say, “You continually knock us down!; You are a destructive force!” My brothers and sisters that is not it! People who return with these false claims are coming to promote themselves and not that of the spirits. There are certain realities that we must face as a people. Yes, the ancestors and the divine ones want us to reconnect; but, do so correctly! So much knowledge of who our ancestors and spirits are were lost due to the ravishes of the transAtlantic slave trade on both sides of the aisle; so, to travel that far just to do it wrong or half a** and come back with false claims is an absolute waste. It brings too much harm to those who are seeking the spirits in earnest. Ceremonies done by uninitiated or unqualified individuals, for the sake of financial gain, can ruin a person’s life and bring about irreputable spiritual harm. To clean up this harm can be costly for those affected and grueling on the priest or priestess that has to clean it up…if the person has survived long enough to get to them.

    People who want to return to the diaspora claiming African spirituality yet reject the authority of those put into place, by the spirits themselves, is doing so that their actions and/ or indiscretions, as practitioners here in the states, may not be scrutinized. One knows that in Africa not only are they not qualified to do anything there; but, they wouldn’t even have the guts to try. So, they return here with the nonsense assuming that the distance allows them safety. Hey, it might have if I hadn’t shown up! The spirits have their own way of doing things. What would it be like if I hadn’t been obedient to their command that I return?

    We witness in every “organized” religion that those in authority must answer to someone. What makes you think that this is less so in the world’s oldest spiritual systems on the continent of Africa. Just because folks serving the spirits, in the diaspora, have done so in a disjointed fashion with everybody doing their own thing doesn’t mean that it is the optimum. But, it does mean that even without a central authority, in the diaspora, vodun with its great tenacity survived due to the men and women, as vessels for their spirits, who simply refused to give it up regardless of the odds! Therefore for those great Mambos and Houngans we must give the highest of honor and respect! But now it is time for repair and healing. Even in Haitian Vodou one of its most respected and honored Hougans served as its Supreme Chief and joined his ancestors recently…the blessed Max Beauvoir. Beauvoir, and those who respected him, was modeling his authority on that which they observed in Benin, West Africa.

    While it is not apparent to some and appears allusive to most researchers African Vodun is most organized…not by edicts or decrees but by the divine ones themselves. And those authentically initiated into it know this, are taught this and give honor to those in authority from their spiritual parents on up the ladder. For years I had people, on the internet, arguing with me about the existence of the Supreme Chief of Vodun who resides in Ouidah, the Republic of Benin. My answer to them was this, “Go to that man’s temple, in Ouidah there, and to all of those who serve African Vodun throughout the continent of Africa and tell THEM that he doesn’t exist! ” Here’s the deal folks! Someone recently came to me saying that someone claiming to be of African Vodun, here in the states, said that no one had authority outside of their own “egbe”. Well, first after explaining that such terminology was not used in vodun, I proceeded to explain that it was untrue. Knowing the person to whom it came from I knew that the person was attempting to get past the fact that they have not been authentically initiated into the thing in which they are claiming and are defrauding people right and left in this diaspora. But there exists in Africa a Supreme Chief of Vodun, Chief of each pantheon of spirits and on down the ladder. In addition no politically drawn borders delineating particular countries disrupt this reality. Vodun is an ancient and pre colonial spiritual system that recognizes those that serve regardless of where they live. Its followers can be summoned from any country if needed. So the idea that those who serve are only subject to those in their immediate sphere is ludicrous and coming from someone without a clue of the workings of African Vodun. Why? Because they simply have not been authentically initiated or they would know. Therefore, if someone within the authority ranks of African Vodun is telling you that a particular person has not been authentically initiated into that pantheon of spirits believe it! Because one day those authority figures will put their feet down in this diaspora and the jig will be up! The spirits have their own means of exposing that which is not from them!

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