Dutty Boukman

Posted By on 30th May 2015

Boukman’s philosophy was “Conquer or Die.” He was eventually killed and replaced by less effective, Negro, accommodationist leadership. As a result, Haitian independence took much longer than it should have.
By 1802, the revolution had fallen into the hands of a man of the same ilk as Boukman Dutty. He was an Afrikan War General named Jean-Jaques Dessalines. He became the liberator of Haiti.

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  1. There may be no man more important in the Haitian Revolution than Dutty Boukman. A native Jamaican, his name literally meant “Dirty Bookman,” a likely reference to a secret book of occult lore he always kept close. He was an educated man, although a slave, who was sold by his British master to a French plantation in Haiti. Dutty Boukman would teach other slaves to read as well as instruct in closely guarded Vodou lore. But his fame would come in August 14, 1791 at the Bwa Kayman ceremony. Boukman was the leading Vodou Priest and called for sacrifice and slave rebellion. It is said that the Petro Lwa family was born from these rituals and from the Haitian Revolution itself. Only eight days later, on August 22, the rebellion began in the Haitian mountains in the north. Boukman was quickly captured and beheaded, but the Revolution had started and would lead to Haiti becoming the first independent Republic of Haiti. Boukman lives on today, immortalized as a Lwa in his own

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