Monthly Archive: October 2015

Let Girls be Girls say No!!

Two top South London boxing prospects in action on same show

Two of South London’s top prospects are in action on the same fight card on Saturday at Bethnal Green’s York Hall. Bermondsey welterweight Ted Cheeseman, who halted Gabor Ambrus...

Japan’s First Female Photojournalist is Still Taking Pictures at 101 Years Old

Tsuneko Sasamoto on the cover of her book, Hyakusai no Finder.

Unique Trips to Africa

Planning a holiday or an expedition in Africa can be a fun and fulfilling experience for the eager traveler. While it is certainly, possible to go on one’s own,...

Bino & Fino

Africa Focused Children’s Animation

The MOORS: The Greatest Race-Traitors in Black History

PROOF that the MOORS were the greatest Race Traitors black history has ever seen!

Largest-Ever Prison Release Will Set 6,000 Drug Traffickers Free

Nas Receives W.E.B. Du Bois Medal at Harvard

  Yeah when hip hop is at its best it an amazing art form I think it’s profound enough to be studied as literature. I’m not sure why people...

Man Kills Officer Who Was Trying to Help Him Get Home Safely

Sharp rise in the proportion of young black and ethnic minority prisoners

In 2013, the Equality and Human Rights Commission found young black and Asian citizens six times as likely to be stopped as white citizens ‘A disproportionate number of those...


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Lambeth Country Show

Come and visit us at the Lambeth Country Show 18&19th July Brockwell Park in Sunny Brixton


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